About the understanding charities group

The understanding charities group is a group of people from organisations in the charity sector which has come together with the aim of improving the public’s understanding of charities. Our work is divided into four strands:

  • Evidence – developing an evidence base about public attitudes to charities and charity issues and how they might be affected
  • Engagement – getting the charity sector on board with our work
  • Narrative – developing strong narratives that explain how contemporary charities operate
  • Media – strengthening the sector’s ability to explain itself in the media

Part of our work is about shifting public attitudes, and part of it is about helping charities understand what the public expect of them in terms of standards and transparency. Shifting public attitudes is a long-term project. Our horizon is five to ten years ahead. You can read more in our theory of change (PDF).

There is more detail about our work so far in this post.

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